Episode 33

33 - Never Sit in a Lobby with Gap Wireless' Glenn Poulos

Your host, Greg Ballard, talks with the General Manager of Gap Wireless, Glenn Poulos. Glenn Poulos is the co-founder, Vice President, and General Manager of Gap Wireless Inc., a leading product and service distributor for the mobile broadband and wireless markets. With over three decades of experience in sales, he has spent thousands of hours in the field or on the phone with customers and working with salespeople to help create several successful companies. Glen's book, Never Sit in a Lobby, is inspired by real-life lessons that shaped Glenn’s career. This guide provides 57 factors for navigating the interpersonal dynamics of selling and the art of negotiation to help you sidestep costly mistakes—before you lose the sale.

To learn more about Glen's work, click HERE and HERE.


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