Episode 39

39 - Guide to Exiting on Top, How to Sell Your Company with Sharon Heaton

Episode Summary:

Sharon is an experienced M&A advisor who founded her firm sbLiftoff to serve small and medium sized businesses, an underserved sector critical to the economy. She recently published the book "LIFT OFF: 12 Things to Know Before Selling Your Business" to educate business owners on the M&A process. It aims to take some fear out of the process so owners can approach it more calmly.


- Book: "Lift Off: 12 Things to Know Before Selling Your Business" by Sharon Heaton

- LinkedIn: Sharon Heaton and sbLiftoff

- Website: www.sbliftoff.com

0:05 - Introduction to Sharon's background

3:30 - Transition from law into advising small businesses 

5:30 - Motivation for writing the book "SB Lift Off"

7:30 - Goal to educate business owners on the M&A process 

9:00 - Importance of bringing on experienced M&A advisors

11:30 - The role of empathy and honesty in deals

13:00 - Balancing company strengths and weaknesses

15:30 - Unique dynamics in government contracting deals

18:30 - Preparing the business for future sale  

21:00 - The role of adaptability in Sharon's work

23:30 - Empathy examples from both buyer and seller perspectives

26:00 - Non-financial factors in negotiations 

28:00 - Considerations for owners in involving employees

31:00 - Structuring retention rewards for employees 

33:30 - Advice for employees deeply involved in transactions

36:30 - Where to find Sharon's book and connect with her

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